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Charity Support Tours

Our mission is to collaboratively challenge Britain’s role in creating the uncomfortable histories and legacies of privilege, power, inequalities, imperialism, and discrimination around the world. We provide opportunities for research-informed public dialogue that question established narratives and break down institutional barriers in order to advocate for justice and accountability.

As part of this, we run tours in support of non-profit organisations that have similar goals. All income from the tour is donated to the chosen organisation.

To register for one of these tours, simply donate your preferred amount!

Our Goals

Personal Growth and Empathy

Our tours of Cambridge encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones, confront difficult emotions, and develop a deeper sense of empathy and understanding. By immersing yourself in uncomfortable narratives, you have an opportunity to broaden your worldview and become a more compassionate and empathetic global citizen.

For those seeking a transformative and eye-opening experience, an Uncomfortable Cambridge tour can provide a unique perspective on the city and contribute to personal and societal growth.

Awareness and Education

Our walking tours provide an opportunity to confront the uncomfortable chapters of history and connect them to current societal issues. By immersing yourself in an analysis of a place, you will gain a deeper understanding of its complexities, challenges, and the experiences of marginalised communities. Our uncomfortable tours aim to educate participants, fostering empathy, compassion, and a commitment to social change.

Breaking Stereotypes and Biases

Our Uncomfortable Cambridge tours are designed to challenge preconceived notions and stereotypes by offering a more nuanced and balanced perspective on people in the past and present. They encourage participants to question their assumptions, confront biases, and consider alternative viewpoints. By exploring uncomfortable truths, these tours promote critical thinking and help combat ignorance and prejudice.

Empowering Marginalised Voices

Our tours centre on the stories and experiences of marginalised communities, giving them a platform to be heard and understood. These stories aim to amplify voices that have been historically silenced and excluded from mainstream narratives. By engaging with these perspectives, participants can gain a greater appreciation for diverse experiences and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Join one of our tours and help us make a difference!

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