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We are a large team of academic researchers who provide tours, talks, and workshops on a number of different subjects. Our guides are experts on the topics we cover, as well as in their respective research fields. They love to share what they know with new audiences and are happy to adapt their teaching style to different listeners.


Booking one of our tours for your event, society, business, or conference is a great way to spark interest in local history, while exposing your team or group to new ideas.

Additionally, our format is designed to be highly engaging for audience members. We challenge listeners to think and reflect on difficult topics while inspiring them to approach learning with an open and engaged mind.

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Choosing an Uncomfortable Cambridge Tour offers a unique and thought-provoking experience that challenges your perspective, promotes empathy, and fosters a deeper understanding of important social issues. While traditional tours often focus on the highlights and beauty of the city, our uncomfortable tours aim to shed light on the lesser-known aspects of its history, bringing attention to uncomfortable truths, social injustices, or historical events that are often overlooked or forgotten about.

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